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Lesley Yendell – The Squeeze

Lesley Yendell – The Squeeze


A citric fruit squeezer transformed in scale and material enters into its own universe and oscillates between its various realities. ‘The Squeeze’ is born from a natural landscape, bucolic in appearance, that responds to a large scale economy that functions under a determined economic model. It is a piece that is a reaction to and reflects on the limits of our contemporary world at a time of extreme conditions and deep changes. The days of work in my studio making the squeezer reflect the changing annual cycle of the agricultural calendar, the budding, the pruning , the piles of branches, the fruit….uniting the exterior world of the fields with the work of the interior, the domestic spaces, the kitchens, where food is manipulated under the same guide lines of order, cleanliness, and rhythm that is employed in agriculture. The intricate interactions, interdependencies, the effects and repercussions of our economic model and its impact on our earth are as complex as the structure formed by the branches of the piece. For ‘Intramurals’ I would use the piece as a nexus of communication and reach out and connect to people in the local industries related to the production of citric and related products (juices etc) and conduct a series of interviews and make an audio and photographic addition to the piece. The ‘Squeeze’ is an installation by Lesley Yendell, the project is accompanied by photographic documentation by Consuelo Bautista.



Awards: (selection) 2012: Fem Art. Premio Ca La Dona. Barcelona. 2011: Art Fad Premio de Plata, FAD, Barcelona Artist in residence (selection) 2015: Residency, Bemis Centre for Contemporary Art, Omaha, Nebraska 2009: International Artists Residency, Valparaiso Foundation, Spain 2006: International Artists Residency, Flax Art Studios, Belfast. N.Ireland. Exhibitions (selection) 2017 Arte en la Viña, Navarra 2017 ‘Platos Rotos’, Centre Experimental de les Arts, Parc de Garraff 2016: Biannual de Arte sobre papel, Sant Pere de Riudebitlles 2015 Congreso Arte en el paisaje, Vilafranca del Penedes 2015: ‘Art Jaén’ and “FACBA’ Granada 2014: ‘Summa Contemporanea’, Miradas de Mujers, National Festival of Women in the Visual Arts, Castel Ruiz, Tudela 2014: ‘Ocells al CAP’, ‘Birds’ ’Altres Maneres, Fundacion Antoni Tapies, Barcelona. 2014: Corpologia Encuentro’, Antic Teatro Barcelona. 2013: ‘Daintifyt, esfuerzo y delicadeza’, Miradas de Mujers, National Festival of Women in the Visual Arts, Ca La Dona, Barcelona. 2012: ‘Transposers’ Individual Exhibition MCAC Northern Ireland. Arts Council Funded 2012: FEM 12 International Woman Artists Performance Festival, Girona. 2009: Performance ‘Buscandose el Pan’ National Review of Live Art, Glasgow. 2009: Daintifyt Revisited Exhibition, Regenerate Project, Cookstown, Northern Ireland 2009: Performance ‘Buscandose el Pan’, City of Women Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 2007: Art Mar, 2a biennal de la Mediterrània, 2007: IV Josep Amat Internation.

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