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No (Dos) 3: Cristina Ghetti, Elia Torrecilla and Julio Sosa

No (Dos) 3: Cristina Ghetti, Elia Torrecilla and Julio Sosa

The group No Dos 3 has already held several performances in Spain and France. 

They will be represented from this year exclusively by the gallery Freijo, Madrid. 

RAYATE! LÍNEAS DE FUERZA (STRENGTH LINES) – A performance piece in which people of 1-88 years of age are invited to put on a striped T-shirt and spend a ludic moment interacting with a projection that shows moving lines in a space, flowing to the rhythm of live music. We are interested in cultivating a complicity between the interpreting artists and the participants, in making them feel comfortable with their recently occupied environment, creating their own spaces with personal rules for engagement and play, forging a community revitalized through shared experience. 

From the plastic point of view, we aim to call for the foundations of abstraction and op-art, animating geometric painting and creating new configurations with each personal movement. The immersive space, the music and the interaction between people propose a moment of communion and play.

Here we also refer to the tradition of exploring the relationship between the body and the object and, mixing media, we propose a performance where the audience will be the main protagonist.



No (Dos) 3: Cristina Ghetti, Elia Torrecilla and Julio Sosa:
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