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The House Of Ill REPUTE (THE MANCEBÍA). After the Beb-Alahix door was the house of ill repute, also known as the “Pobla de les Fembres Pecadrius”, “the brothel”, “the match” or more clearly “Pobla de les Males Dones” (“Bad Women Village”), constituting, during more than a century, the most famous, luxurious and organized brothel in Europe, being visited by some foreign nobles, monarchs and princes that came to the Corts Valencianes, in which the Valencian Golden Century was being developed.

The PDP-11 Collective presents with “The Mancebía” a multisensorial performance, resuming a story that remains inalterable throughout the centuries, prostitution or the authorized side of slavery. Francisco Sanmartín Piquer (bass guitar), Carlos García Miragall (guitar and colour organ), Elia Torrecilla (voice and movement) and Gilles Martin (synthesizers and bass guitar) participate in this project.

In the first edition of the Intramurs festival, the PDP-11 Collective tackled this subject with the performance “La Pobla de les Males Dones” and now they resume an inconclusive and timeless theme, reconnecting with the core of our neighbourhood. 

PDP-11 Collective  is a group whose main aim is to stablish an open platform to the sound and image experimentation in their closest approach to digital technology. PDP11 starts its trajectory in 2011, carrying out different projects of sound, visual, gustatory, fragrant and interpretative integration. From its foundations, it has conducted more than 20 projects in different national and international spaces, the majority of which can be consulted in its webpage: https://www.pdp11.es.

For this performance, these people participate:

Carlos García Miragall (Spain, 1966). Autodidact musician. Since 2011, he belongs to the PDP11 collective. Since 1991 until now he is professor in the Informatic and Computing System Department at the UPV. As a researcher, he has worked from 1991 until 2000 in the research group Declarative Programming from the DSIC and, currently, since 2004, he belongs to the Light Laboratory research group. 

Elia Torrecilla (Spain, 1984) – Miguel Hernández University of Elche. She develops an artistic interdisciplinary project through which she explores the relationships of the body with our surroundings. That is why her work revolve around the performance. More info.: http://eliatorrecilla.com

Paco Sanmartín. The wild song is about to end, Hendrix sprays alcohol in his guitar and lights it. Then, he breaks it while it appears the sound that it still echoing in my head. I work as a professor of the Painting Department in the Fine Arts, Design and Creative Technologies Degree and in the Official Master of Visual Arts and Multimedia. I also work as a researcher of the Light Laboratory in the processing of audio and video in real time with the range of pure data. 

Gilles Martin, musician, technician and sound producer, coordinator of the Resonant Laboratory of the Naves de Valencia.

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