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INTRAMURS, Entity Declared of Public Utility for artistic experimentation in the Mediterranean, recently included in the registry of ONGD’s of the Generalitat Valenciana, will curate the exhibition N5 that will take place in the Photographic Society of Guipúzcoa between September 15 and on November 7. The exhibition is supported by the 69th edition of the San Sebastián Film Festival. The representation of the Valencian entity for this task will fall on Javier S. Jiménez, artist and associate member of INTRAMURS.

N5 is an exhibition project developed by photographer Omar Ayyashi and designer Manuel Fernández for Fashion Art Institut that addresses the fifth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) set by the United Nations in its 2030 Agenda. This goal is directly linked to gender equality and its main mission is to achieve the empowerment of all women and girls; their access to education, health care, decent work as well as their direct participation in both political and economic decision-making.

Each of the images that are part of the exhibition are artistic pieces that address the goals set by this objective, based on the “canvas dresses” designed by Manuel Fernández for the Fashion Art Institute. These designs, in turn, have the intervention of prestigious artists from around the world such as: Manolo Valdés, Juan Genovés, Okuda San Miguel, Luis Gordillo, Rafael Canogar, Grimanesa Amorós, Ouka Leele

The final result? Unique and exclusive pieces that combine the best of fashion design and art to be worn in front of the lens of Omar Ayyashi’s camera and thus form a varied and surprising composition of images in which numerous and important actresses from film and theater intervene. and the television of our country. Such is the case of: Juana Acosta, Belén Rueda, Paz Vega, Mina El Hammani, Anna Castillo, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Ester Expósito, Rossy de Palma, Amaia Salamanca, Elena Furiase, Jedet Sánchez and Bárbara Lennie.

“From our entity, whose founding objectives have been very transparent from the beginning, we are committed to art and culture as indispensable means for social transformation, the promotion of critical thinking, freedom and diversity, making use of public space as a place natural for coexistence and collusion of actions that generate an impact on society ”, declared the Director of Intramurs, Salvia Ferrer.

With the curation of this exhibition, the cultural entity INTRAMURS adds another important project to its long history (of more than five years) in the production of cultural actions and events such as its homonymous festival or the action “València, pell del Mediterrani” by the photographer Spencer Tunick in addition to his commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) promoted by the United Nations within the 2030 Agenda

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