This year 2017 we will be presenting the fourth edition of an art festival which we hope will be as exciting and surprising as it has been proving to be up until now. This year’s intentions are that the artistic expressions maintain their peculiar character and their goal of involving the audience, giving priority to this interaction instead of treating the public as mere spectators, as it happens in other types of showings. Intramurs wants to remain a festival which has the streets as setting and with an audience that completes and shapes the artistic offer.

From October 19th to 29th, we will share the excitement of the participants, visitors, tourists and neighbors when attending the exhibitions and performances which will be held in different urban spaces, such as our streets and squares, our gardens or the premises which will be specifically open for the occasion in order to hold the happenings and performances, musical acts, dances, poetry readings, urban interventions, tapped windows, etc. The traditional spaces, such as galleries, bars or other locations which will include some of our activities into their habitual list of events will also be part of the great manifestation that this cultural encounter is. In addition, a number of parallel actions such as conferences, children and family events, video setups, guided visits and the opening of the neighborhood artists’ studios will close this long programming. The cultural offer in Intramurs during these ten days will continue to be as wide as measureless, apart from being, of course, free.

We invite you to actively participate in the creation of new concepts and ways of making culture, of making a neighborhood and of making a city, since, as in our motto #raw, the ingredients are ready, waiting for someone to stir the fire.

Welcome to a new Intramurs,

welcome to Intramurs 2017!!!