Who are we

Intramurs is a cultural association declared of public utility since January 2018.

Throughout all our editions, the intention has always been that artistic manifestations maintain their specific character and are designed to intervene in the public sphere, giving priority to intention over other types of more passive exhibitions where the public is simply a spectator.

Intramurs is the festival of reference for public art, where the framework for the works is the street and the attending public who finish to complete the artistic proposals.

The economic resources that allow us to organize the event come from contributions from the shops of the historic center, direct beneficiaries of the cultural animation that we promote, sponsorships of private companies and aid from the administration.

In addition to the contributions in kind and in the form of professional and volunteer services without which it would be impossible to organize an event that has come to produce more than 700 artistic activities during the ten days of the festival.

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