Man Moon

It is a project of Man LunaMarcos Pastor Hidalgo (Valencia, 1975). He is an interdisciplinary artist who since his adolescence has been attracted to painting, photography and art in general. , which he uses as a language of artistic expression, and of which we can highlight his photographic project “Un Viaje en el Silencio “, awarded in 2013 in the Photography Contest of the Casa del Alumno de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, carried out during his training in the superior degree cycle of Artistic Photography of the EASD of Valencia.

Graduated in Fine Arts by the Polytechnic University of Valencia develops as Final Grade Work the multidisciplinary artistic Project, “Suspended Cartographies. The environment as an element that configures social identity”, obtaining the Matrícula de Honor for the same, in which it carries out a theoretical-practical research that tackles concepts related to identity and the consequent territorial configuration from it, using cartography as a formal and conceptual structuring element.

Plants the relationship of the subject with his environment from how he interacts with it , thus constructing diverse ways of life, which define the formal and plastic characteristics, resulting in a series of maps developed in different artistic languages.

In recent years has carried out several photographic projects , highlighting “In transit ” whose purpose is to encourage travel, but it is a journey that does not have to take us to any particular part, but rather what it seeks is to approach new experiences , to understand life and the world as a whole in motion. They are routes in which a kind of puzzle is composed in which each individual forms a fundamental piece that completes it, and in which they show the human identities and the cultural cartographies that are traced in time, as ephemeral shop windows.

Most Recent Projects