Audiovisual, Projects, 2018

Fillet Font Gallo Dj

Danceable pop with an electronic influence.

Fillet Font Gallo gives away his music sessions -he says that so people cannot complain to him- which allows him a great creative freedom when developing his sets. He began his career as a dj (as he carries out other activities such as typography and calligraphy) in the mythical Ocio bar in Murcia at the end of the eighties. At present he is still in demand for special sessions there. He also played in the Picasso room as a guest dj for the presentation of the magazine “Muy Frágil” in Barcelona in the nineties. He has played at electronic music festivals in Bullas and Imagina San Javier. In Valencia, he was guest dj in the parties “Dirty dancing” for the magazine “Dirty” in places like Le Club, Venial and Disco Bounty.

Fillet Font Gallo (Victoriano del Ocio, Murcia)

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