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Van Jesus – Territoriando

Van Jesus – Territoriando


Action of signalling routes, itineraries, encounters and creating temporary microterritories in the city. Two similar bodies, one the artist’s and the other a chalk figure, made of her exact measurements, walking along and leaving a trace wherever they go. A trace of a memory, of something that was and of something that remained. White lines that mark paths travelled and encounters created that no longer exist as a present action but as a memory engraved on the asphalt of what happened. The performance evidences the non-presence of the body that leaves and the presence as a vestige of the body that remains. The process of walking together, the artist and her white chalk equal, plays with the weights of the two bodies, hers that adds the memories of what she saw, lived and shared and the chalk’s, who is subtracted of shape and weight while it draws with its body on the rough ground, leaving parts of itself behind wherever it goes.Thus forming a map of the chosen paths and encounters.



Researcher for the Master of Artistic Production at the UPV (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia-España), in which she is mapping Ibero-American Public Art festivals that contain performance and urban intervention in their programming, and hence act as a tool for reflecting about the city. Its line of action and research is performance in public spaces and public art festivals. She works with collaborative art experiences with the collective EIA (Experiencia Imersiva Ambiental; Immersive Environmental Experience) since 2008. He received the Visual Arts Award from the City of Recife BR (2015). She participated in the First International Biennial of Asunción (2015), and urban art festivals in Latin America such as FunkFest (Ecuador-2016), Corpórea (Mexico-2016), Summar Córdoba (Argentina-2016), Conquista Ruas (Vitória da Conquista-BA; Brazil2016-2017). She was invited to create and coordinate the performance course at the National University of Asuncion, in the Faculty of Fine Arts.

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