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Teresa Mata and Dimitris Tzikopoulos – Caementum

Teresa Mata and Dimitris Tzikopoulos – Caementum

CAEMENTUM – The purpose of the installation/action is to produce a critical-reflective piece through the participation of the public (any age). The concept revolves around the idea of “foundations”, i.e.: 1. Part of a building on which it is built, but also 2. Principle and root of something (of a project, an ideology, etc.). Thus, in an empty lot, symbol of “possible” but also of “immobilization” we propose to build a pillar with a wooden mould in the middle of the rubble that we will use to fill it in the “opus caementicium” manner or Roman concrete, (from Latin = caementum: rubble, rough stone) whose composition included rocks, ceramic tiles or brick rubble resulting from the remains of demolished buildings. To this rubble, we will add objects and/or messages from the participants that symbolize personal foundations; willingness to build something new, vital objectives, etc. The mixture of concrete and objects will solidify creating an assembly column that will leave a solid composition of objects/debris visible. The action will be carried out after the assembly of the structure with diffusion through the festival so that those interested can come with their object/message. From the artist’s personal experience, the aim is to critique the possibilities of the “non-places”, empty spaces that abound in the centre of Valencia, as well as the need for an action-consciousness from the people in order to activate and vindicate them.


Teresa Mata (Valencia): Cultural Mediator and Audiovisual Creator, graduated in Audiovisual Communication (UV), Master’s Degree in Secondary Education in Sociocultural and Community Services and Postgraduate Degree in Artistic Education and Museum Management. Interested in art and social/educational action, she has experience in the development of art+education projects in non-formal contexts: museum (“Reb(v)elarse en el IVAM; Aula de artes y Taller de Creación Audiovisual en Fundación Bancaja), cultural spaces (Laboratori d’art, Las Naves), or the Espacio Inestable (Graneros de Creación 2017) and in educational contexts “Totò Cine Escolar Itinerante” (Ayuntamiento de Valencia).

Dimitris Tzikopoulos (Thessaloniki, Greece): Graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Ioannina (UOI). Visual artist, he works with sculptures, installations and Land Art to analyse the relationships between the social structure and its individuals. Co-founder of the artistic collective ‘Fist’ and precursor of the Artist-Run Space “NOTUS” studio in Athens. His work has been presented in several exhibitions: Hermenaughtics, NOTUS studio, Athens 2018 / Adagonism, Kalfayan Project Space, Thessaloniki, 2016 / ”Nothing special: just not opium”, Cheapart , Athens, 2016 / ”1460 ArtDays”, Artwall, Athens, 2016 / ”Mind the Gap”, Kodra Fresh,Thessaloniki , 2016, ‘Crossing the limit – by FIST”, Artwall, Athens, 2016 among others. 


Teresa Mata and Dimitris Tzikopoulos - Caementum:
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