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Eugenio Merino and Avelino Sala – Sublime

Eugenio Merino and Avelino Sala – Sublime

PRESENTACIÓN DEL PERIÓDICO SUBLIME (LAUNCH OF THE SUBLIME NEWSPAPER) Pay attention (motherfuckers) is a piece by Bruce Nauman from 1973 that perfectly synthesizes the new stage of this magazine. We return with our energies absolutely transformed with an irreverent, funny, acid magazine which is, at the same time, loaded with cultural content. We live in a socio-cultural context in which, it seems, the critical mass is a scarce good; hence we try to contribute it, but without stopping laughing, especially ironizing. We think there is room for everything, for thought and humour, for art and what art is not. I can only say that this publication is, at the end of the day, also a gathering of friends. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not talking about cronyism or collegiality, but rather about fidelity and support, empathy, complicity. We have been publishing the magazine intermittently since 2002. The one we are presenting now would correspond to number 30 (imagine the complicity!), although we are changing even the numbering. Hence, we begin a new era, where the change is substantial, contributing a new image with a new format annually. Now we are a newspaper that offers all the power to artists. We appropriate the aesthetics of Black Panther fanzines and their strategies to deliver, from what is truly fresh, a different magazine. 


Eugenio Merino, Madrid 1975. He has held several solo exhibitions such as Home Sweet Home at ADN Galería (Barcelona, Spain. 2017), Sons of Capital (New York, USA. 2016), Will Work for Fast Food at Unix Gallery (Houston, USA. 2015), Always Shameless at Unix Gallery (New York, USA. 2014). He has exhibited in museums such as the Station Museum, Houston (USA, 2015), Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Bruselas (Belgium, 2015), Villa Empain (Belgium, 2014), B.P.S.22, Charleroi, (Belgium 2010), La Térmica de Málaga (Spain, 2013), Castrum Peregrini de Ámsterdam (Netherlands, 2012), Museum of Contemporary Art of Taipei (Taiwan, 2009). He has participated in fairs and biennials such as Volta (New York), Volta Basel (Basel), ARCO (Madrid).


Avelino Sala (Gijón, 1972). Artist, curator and writer, lives and works in Barcelona. Trained in Critical Art Practice (BA Hons Degree) at the University of Brighton (United Kingdom, 2001), he has received numerous awards including Generaciones de Cajamadrid (2003), the Artport International Award Video in Basel (UNESCO and the New York Foundation for the Arts 2007) and the VAD Award of the Festival de Videoarte de Gerona (2010). He has been a scholar of the Real Academia de España in Rome (2010), Centre d’art Le LAIT de Albi (France, 2012), Acción Cultural Española in the centre RU Residency Unlimited (New York, 2014) and also, among others, by Cajastur, Hangar and Bilbao Arte. He also writes in media such as Artishock or A*Desk. 



Eugenio Merino and Avelino Sala - Sublime:
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