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Intramurs is unique in its format, pioneering for its interdisciplinarity and transversality, generating in each edition:

Intramurs is positioned as a reference point for the most avant-garde artistic proposals, to be the place to experiment with risky and participative projects.

An essential event for artists with pioneering proposals, a showcase for new artistic behaviours, where disciplines merge and complement each other.

A project in expansion that hybridizes diverse formulas of management/production to innovate in the arts and culture, where we develop strategic and communication processes that promote social responsibility in the company and citizen participation.

New experiences and emotions for everyone involved, whether public or artist. New spaces of relationship, activating empty plots, streets and squares of the city for ephemeral urban interventions or as temporary scenarios for the living arts. Innovation and creativity between different economic and social sectors.

Recovery of our origins, linking them to the new global multicultural reality. Cultural connections with different Mediterranean cities. A focus of multidisciplinary artistic attraction that improves the image of Valencia as a cultural destination.

We are generators of social fabric through the promotion of local artists and collectives to whom we pose in contact with our guest artists.

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