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Until 30 January

Intramurs 2020 will take place between 15 and 25 October 2020

This year’s motto is #MuralladeLlum

(Wall of Light)

#MuralladeLlum is the piece that acts as the backbone and motto,
with the intention of reviving and reconnecting with the Arab period of Valencia and its walls.

It’s the long-term proposal that Intramurs started in 2019.
and that will be developed in the following editions.

Projects that make the layout of the Arab wall of Valencia visible will be taken into account,
as well as those inspired by the culture of the time of the Taifa of Balansiya:
Islam, the medieval or Muslim world, etc.
Also projects that use the wall as an inspiring concept or as a context.



The objective of the festival is to support the cultural sector and make it more dynamic in an area with centuries of artistic tradition.

To revitalize the artistic scene of the historical centre.

What do we do

What do we do

Intramuros is an expanding project that hybridizes diverse management / production formulas to innovate in the arts and culture. For this, it develops strategic and communication processes that promote social responsibility in the company and citizen participation or collaboration.

As we are

As we are

We are generators of social fabric through the promotion of local artists and collectives to which we put in contact with our guest artists.

About us

About us

Intramurs is a cultural association declared of public utility since January 2018. The economic resources that allow us to organize the event come from contributions from the shops of the historic center, direct beneficiaries of the cultural animation we promote, sponsorships from private companies and grants from the administration.

What are we

What are we

An essential event for artists with new projects to propose, a showcase for new artistic behaviors, where disciplines merge and complement each other seeking hybridization in the arts.

To support experimentation and artistic and cultural creation of quality, promoting and welcoming projects that operate under the premises of democratic participation, equity of opportunities and judgments of parity in their selection.

To propitiate an inclusive policy that respects and encourages the multiplicity of cultures, and the freedom of people to create, express themselves and participate.

Join the efforts and resources of private companies, civil society and the artistic community around the generation of stimuli for quality artistic and cultural creation.

Invest in the professional and experimental cultural projects that arise in the artistic community, and offer spaces for creators to develop their work without restrictions, affirming the exercise of freedom of expression and creation.

Share experiences, technologies and cultural products, in the face of the plurality of cultures and identities that coexist in our country and in the rest of the world.


With the declaration of the Intramurs Association as a public utility entity,
the tax treatment of our project is equal to that of foundations.

If you meet certain conditions, you will be able to deduct all the amounts contributed.

This translates into a number of advantages and incentives for individuals
and companies that opt to make contributions of money, goods or rights.