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The call to select artistic projects
it is aimed at all types of artists,
regardless of age,your nationality, your home,
your relationship to the neighborhood
o with the city of Valencia.

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Project Registration Open for
Intramurs 2020

Intramurs 2020 will take place between 15 and 25 October 2020



The projects that visibilize will be taken into account.
the layout of the Arabic wall of Valencia,
as well as those who are inspired in culture
from the time of the Balansiya taifa:
Islam, the medieval or Muslim world, etc.
Also projects that use the wall
as inspiring concept or as context .


This year’s motto is #MuralladeLlum

(Wall of Light)

#MuralladeLlum is the piece that acts as the backbone and motto,
with the intention of reviving and reconnecting with the Arab period of Valencia and its walls.